Black Friday 2017: Main Facts and Key Indicators


This year, Black Friday began on Thursday, November 23, when retailers launched their offers and special proposals at 19:00 Moscow time. A number of trading platforms took the initiative to open clearance sales in their merchandise displays even earlier (in some cases, even since Monday, November 20) and are planning to continue these until Friday December 1.

Admitad’s study is based on in-house data collected from all over the world between Thursday, November 23 and Monday, November 27.

Compared to the corresponding period in 2016, there was considerable turnover growth for trading platforms. The revenue of the shops that launched and promoted their own partnership programs powered by admitad increased almost 2 times YoY from $22 mln. to $43 mln.

Total revenue generated via admitad network (USD)

Such growth was due to a sharp rise in the volume of purchases recorded by admitad. It is important to note that in the context of this study, a “purchase” is understood as a completed order in an e-shop. A basket can contain several products, but the system records it as one purchase. In 2017, the number of purchases compared to Black Friday 2016 increased from 919,000 to about 1.3 million units.

Total sales (units)

The volume of webmasters’ commission substantially increased: from $1,6 mln. to $2,6 mln.

Publishers commission (USD)

The European region was the absolute leader, where buyers brought 88% of the total shops’ revenues. America contributed 7%, Asia – 4%, and the share of other regions and countries amounts to around 1%.

Regional revenue shares

Regional leaders

Europe leaders

America leaders

Asia Leaders


Most orders were made from desktops (80%), next are Android (11%) and iOS (3%).

Platform shares

The most popular types of webmasters are: promocodes 25%, cashback 21% and XML-feeds 16%.

Top webmasters

The main volume of sales consists of Chinese goods (this is due to the fact that the Chinese display every product in the basket as a separate sale). Then follow the segments of electronics & household appliances and clothes & footwear.

Share of sale by segment

AOV 2016 vs 2017

The average time of a purchase (time for making a decision on a purchase) in the first two days of Black Friday increased in comparison to the previous year, in the following days the consumers spent less time for decision-making.

The number of purchases worth over $10,000 increased in 2017. Desktop is still the primary platform for such purchases.

The number of impulse purchases (the time from redirecting to the shop site to completing a purchase is less than 20 seconds) remained unchanged in general, a small reduction in such sales was observed on iOS.

Few Facts

The tiniest purchase

Maximum revenue

Highest sales

admitad Advertisers Black Friday 2017 reviews

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Black Friday 2017 went smooth – according to plan. We were pleasantly surprised with cashback webmasters performance, but received moderate performance with targeted traffic sites. We planned some additions and corrections in the mechanics and will definitely participate in Black Friday 2018.



Black Friday 2017 sales result confirms the constant interest of shoppers for sales. According to the MediaMarkt site stats, on November 23rd traffic exceeded the level of November 16th by 150%, and the sales grew threefold compared to Friday the week before. As a result of the campaign, from November 23 to 27, the top 5 most popular products included PlayStation, TVs, games, washing machines and microwave ovens. Leaders in terms of turnover have traditionally become TVs, PlayStation, smartphones, laptops, washing machines. This year the largest number of shoppers purchased the Playstation model 4 Slim 500GB with three games and the additional gamepad included.

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During Black Friday M.Video offered up to 80% discounts for all the goods categories. The campaign involved about 600 positions, the reduced prices were set both for the online and in the retail stores. The most popular among buyers were gaming consoles and games themselves, smartphones, TVs, vacuum cleaners and small home appliances. For Friday, Saturday, Sunday, the online store traffic grew almost twice as compared to the usual days in October, the number of online purchases increased 2,5 times, and the conversion grew by a 25%. Comparing year-over-year online store traffic increased by 25%, and the number of transactions is more than doubled. In addition, the conversion to purchases grew by 70% due to the number of high-profile updates on, additional attractive promo and smart advertising campaign. M.Video supports both the nationwide sales in late November and conducts its own – starting with the first weekend of November – so that customers can plan ahead money-saving purchases and pick up gifts for the Holiday season.

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