Black Friday 2019 with Admitad

The main shopping event of the year:  the highest rates, exclusive promo codes and consumers’ rush to hot deals.

The last autumn month is almost over, and the main sales of the year is no longer approaching – it is already here! Online stores, financial services, education platforms, food delivery and many other companies have already joined the party and are happily sharing their special deals, promo codes and coupons with publishers. More information you will find in the programs’ catalogue page here – feel free to use the filter “Black Friday” while searching for the hottest deals from the sales participants.       

It is a well-known fact that the conversion rate indicator flies through the roof during each sales period, and bearing in mind the CR level – it is vital to seize the moment and use all the available tools to make the most out of the grand discounts and increasing customer activity.

*Conversion rate indicator / 19.11.2018 – 30.11.2018


What you really shouldn’t forget before the rush starts: 

Install all the newest tools for publishers

Using at least the two following tools will ease your life greatly: they are multifunctional and rather helpful – Admitad Extension for Google Chrome and Telegram Bot.   

Admitad Extension has been recently updated and got a new functionality – the toolbar. The publisher can now see the main details of the affiliate program in the browser window of the advertiser webpage. What is more – any unique deeplink can now be created literally in one click. Admitad Extension is available in Chrome Store where it rates first in the “Blogging” category.    

Telegram Bot is the tool that immensely helps to work with the affiliate programs from any device where this messenger is installed. The Bot can create deeplinks with Sub-ID, generate many links for different traffic sources at once, test if the links work properly. As said above, the Bot can function from any device where you have the Telegram-messenger installed: search for @admitad_bot and enjoy the full functionality of this tool.      

Focus on the segment

Traditionally the most “tasteful” piece of this sales pie is the segment of Electronics & Household Appliances, but we would not recommend limiting your efforts only to this category. Based on Admitad data, during the Black Friday period the sales of goods for kids as well as apparel & shoes, perfume and cosmetics increase greatly. The main piece of advice could be to research what the advertisers offer and gather all the important information for your audience. Content has always been and still is the King: make sure your platform stands out from the million of those, that also try to arrange some “hype” around this shopping madness. 

Use the creatives for Black Friday 

Before the main sales of the year begins, advertisers share their own creatives, that immediately build associations with discounts, hot deals and sales festivals. We recommend to pay special attention to those – using such materials will help you communicate the message easily and ensure that the customer makes the purchase decision having received the sales information from your channel. 

Black Friday is here: join and monetize your traffic during the biggest sale of the year!

Stakes are high: Christmas and New Year Sales are coming
Admitad Extension update: a toolbar with program details and one-click deeplink generation


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