Black Friday 2021: Users Purchased Electronics and Increased Spending on Games

Black Friday’s online sales are growing wider rather than higher this year. The peak of online orders on traditional sale dates was slightly lower than last year, but the period of increased demand expanded from a couple of days to a couple of weeks. The calculations of Admitad Affiliate show that this year, customers most actively spent on electronics and clothing. Games and the event sectors have improved their sales positions compared to 2020. 

Global Black Friday results

According to the first estimates by experts, the volume of online sales on the very day of Black Friday slightly decreased, from $9 billion in 2020 to $8.9 billion this year. This is a logical trend, given that last year the sales took place during lockdowns in many countries, which means that many buyers were forced to choose goods on the Internet instead of offline purchases

According to Admitad Affiliate, in comparison with the regular period, during this year’s Black Friday Americans increased the number of purchases by 56% and the amount spent, by 95%. The average online order check on sales days went up 25% to about $61.5, and slightly less than half of the sales came from marketplaces. 

The following categories of goods and services turned out to be the most popular with buyers:

Certain business sectors have clearly increased activity this year and received more attention in the sales compared to 2020:

Curiously, customers nearly fully satisfied their needs for buying furniture and other goods for the home during the World Shopping Day on November 11. This is why during Black Friday, this category slid down from the top-selling category, although it was in second place in sales just 2 weeks earlier, while electronics came in first and by a large margin. 

TOP traffic sources

The majority of buyers (36.4%) had been motivated to place orders on Black Friday due to lucrative offers of cashback services. Another 19.4% of online orders were placed on the recommendation of online media and internet blogs. 10.7% of sales came from contextual advertising. These are followed by social networks (9.7), storefront sites (7.8%) and coupon services (7.5%). And all the while the income of American publishers on Black Friday increased by 67%. 

In the US, the sales period is just beginning. Many brands still offer Black Friday discounts while Christmas and New Year sales are just around the corner. The time of increased demand will last until the very end of December. 

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