Bounceless Tracking: affiliate links without redirect

We are developing new plugins for our Publisher Tag container which allows fast tool integration with the publisher’s website. The first of these plugins is called Bounceless Tracking.

Upd: the feature is currently called Admitad Teleport. Find out more at the Teleport landing page.

What does it do?

Bounceless Tracking solves issues that have to do with failing to track actions between publishers and advertisers. This can be caused by:

  1. weak internet connection
  2. long redirect chain
  3. antivirus or Adblock  


How is Bounceless Tracking different from classic affiliate links?

Usually, when the user clicks an affiliate link, the browser takes them down a chain of domains that record data about customer actions. However if even one of these domains is blocked or reacts slowly, the user can “bounce”, close the page and leave without buying.

Tracking via our plugin is different. When the website page is loaded, affiliate links are transformed into direct ones. So when the user clicks such links, instead of the redirect chain they go straight to the advertiser’s store.

 In the meantime, plugin also sends a beacon request to Admitad, but the user does not see that. The request also contains clickid and subid — they are stored in the Admitad database.

The algorithm is quite similar to the Parallel Tracking in GoogleAds.

What else does Bounceless Tracking do?

  • Adblock and antiviruses do not interfere with the tracking

Ad-blocking algorithms, such as browser plugins, often mess with the affiliate links. Some of them even go as far as shutting down Google Tag Manager. Unlike GTM, our Publisher Tag container is not susceptible to such threats as it has in-built protection from the false blockings.

  • No conflict with the e-Privacy Directive

Series redirect had a downside — we had to ask customers for extra permission to process their data because it was also transferred to the advertiser. Now, there is no point in doing so as the publisher has already received the needed permissions by the moment they transfer this data. 

  • Conversion rate grows

The faster and safer the link journey, the higher the probability that the user makes a purchase. Eventually, it means extra profit for the website owner.


Need other tools?

Bounceless tracking is but the first plugin for Publisher Tag. We are currently researching other tools that publishers can install via this container. Help us understand what kind of plugins you need by taking a small survey. It will only take a couple of minutes.

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