Cashback for dropshippers: boosting your earnings with AliExpress in 5 steps

This manual will allow you to integrate your dropshipping store with the fulfillment service provider. Here is how you can get up to 15% of your procurement costs back:

  1. Sign up as a publisher at
  2. Add your dropshipping platform.
  3. Wait for your request to be approved.
  4. Get your affiliate ID link.
  5. Pass the link to your fulfillment service.


Step 1. Sign up.

You will have to fill in the standard fields — Name, E-mail, Login, Password. 

Alternatively, you can register using your Facebook or Google account.

Once your account has been created, you will have to specify your primary region and e-commerce category you will be working with. If you work internationally — which you most likely do — choose your home country or one of your largest markets.

For category, pick Online Shops.


Step 2. Add your dropshipping platform

As a dropshipper, you will have to choose Website as your main traffic source and Dropshipping in the next window. 

After that, insert your site name, URL, and fulfillment service provider.

Once you do so, you will find yourself in your account. Click the Programs menu to see the AliExpress affiliate program — the application was sent automatically when you checked the “dropshipping” box.

For now, Its status will be “pending”.


Step 3. Wait.

Your request will be approved within 3 days. We do our best to keep the wait time low, but the procedure is manual. Please be patient, or submit us a ticket once when you feel like it is taking too long.


Step 4. Get your affiliate ID

Once your request is approved, the status of the program will change from “pending” to “joined” and the “Link” button will appear. Click it to get your link — it is in the Default link field.


Step 5. Hand over the link to your fulfillment service provider.

Depending on who your provider is, the interface may differ. You have to look into cashback settings/affiliate program settings on the platform. Ask your fulfillment service for details if necessary.


That’s it. Now you are all set and ready to go. Make purchases for your store as usual, and we will make sure that they are properly tracked and compensated for. Remember to turn off your ad-blocking extensions so that the orders are tracked correctly.

Contact us in case you need any assistance. 

We are always there for you!


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