China Fest 2018: higher rates, iPhone X & AirPods

Annual China Fest is off!

This year advertisers of ‘Goods from China’ category joined their forces to offer webmasters boosted rates, promo codes and opportunity to win valuable prizes —  three iPhones and one set of Airpods.

In order to win iPhone X, you have to join one of three partnership programs —,, Joining offer is necessary to win AirPods.

After that, webmaster has to register in the China Fest official landing page and draw sales amounting to at least $100.

The results will be available on December, 4.

The winner of each prize will be randomly chosen among those who have joined the corresponding offer. This way webmasters who joined Banggood offer and sold a total of $100 would only be able to win one iPhone, whereas working with all the offers will multiply chances of winning.  

But it’s not the only benefit China Fest brings: many Admitad advertisers raised their rates up to 10-30% for the whole October, to say nothing of the individual promo codes. 

Pay special attention to Shein, Zaful, Gearbest, Lightinthebox, Geekbuying offers! Complete list of China Fest affiliate programs is available in Admitad catalogue.  They are marked with a special red ribbon:

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