Chinese online sale 11.11: Whitepaper by admitad

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November 11 became, since recently, one more holiday, which is celebrated, as also other “red-letter-days”, not by everybody but only by a stratum – a certain social group. In our case we are talking about buyers, and more precisely, about the buyers of the main Chinese online shopping day. Within 24 hours, the visitors of this trade platform receive access to discounts which could be as high as the discounts offered during Black Friday which is due in a couple of weeks. Throughout the day of a big sale admitad had been tracking the buying activity. In this Whitepaper, it shares its observations.

Total revenue – $ 29.8 mln. Growth year-to-year-70%

Total 11.11 revenue genearted via admitad network (USD)


The total amount of commissions to publishers is $ 2.1 mln. Year-to-year growth is 15%

Total publishers commission (USD)

The number of sales (under sale, a paid “basket” is meant which can contain several goods) –  2,7 mln.

Number of sales

Top platforms by the number of executed orders – Desktop (81%), Android (13%), iOS (6%)

Top shopping platforms

Regions – leaders by orders:

Regional Leaders-

Regional countries – leaders:

Europe: Russia, Ukraine, Spain, Belarus, Poland


Asia: Israel, Kazakhstan, Turkey, Uzbekistan, Armenia


America: USA, Canada, Brazil, Chile, Peru


The largest purchase – Russia: $22,000, the smallest – Puerto Rico: $1,48

The largest purchase

The most popular publishers: cashbacks – 37%, promo codes/coupons – 29,6%, XML feed – 19,1%

The most popular types of webmasters

Top 3 cities/regions by purchase number: Moscow (Russia), 200,000 purchases, Saint Petersburg – 180,000 purchases, North Rhine-Westphalia (Germany) – 95,000 purchases

Top 3 citiesregions by number of purchases

Distribution of sales dynamics by hours

Distribution of sales dynamics by the hour

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