Customer traffic on Black Friday 2016


We have reviewed a customer traffic during the period of Black Friday sales , as well as in the run up to and after the event. Introducing our statistical data, we revealed the following results:


The vertical axis indicates a number of sales per hour in absolute quantities, a horizontal one points out a metric clock per hour

In general, this diagram indicates:

  • From midnight till 5 AM – decrease of sales
  • From 5 AM to 6 AM – sales at the lowest point
  • From 7 AM – growth is activated
  • About 22 PM – peak sales period, then sales decline

The 2nd day of Black Friday is determined by peak sales, it has been a calendar Friday of November 25.

November 24 is considered to be a best-selling day, comparing to November 26 and November 27 despite the similar growth rates.

November 23 (a day, prior to Black Friday) and November 28 ( the day right after Black Friday) by dynamics and sales are yielding to the other days, although the period was marked by fine sales indicators.

Sales growth on Black Friday compared to ordinary sales days

We unloaded a comparison data, made specially for a week before a Black Friday

To find more information, follow this link

Black Friday online sales growth was on average increased by 96% comparing to the results made a week earlier

The highest sales growth is estimated at 300% in the period from 2 AM  to 3 AM on Thursday November 23 to Friday November 24, that shows customers’ activity at its highest level and best-deal seekers’ disposition.

Recommendations and conclusions for publishers:

First you have to take all preparations in advance prior to Black Friday. Next time we will analyze a number of clicks and conversions per hour to determine the best conversion time.

Most sales are taking place in the period from 10 AM till 1 AM – it’s high time you need to drive more traffic.

The best sales growth (comparing to a week earlier) is appeared to be a night before  Friday.

You should drive traffic more actively some time  previously to the event  and stop it in 2-3 days after Black Friday completion date.


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