Do not miss the Hot Products section on Aliexpress!

No doubts that you know our top offer Aliexpress WW which is one of the biggest online marketplaces in the world, offering customers the lowest prices as well as the choice of more than 100 million products from 200,000 sellers, 20 most popular payment methods and shipping to more than 200 countries. 

Aliexpress offers you an increased rate for advertising products from the Hot Products section.

An increased reward is paid only if a user has bought this particular product after clicking on its own affiliate link. The reward for a Hot Product can be up to 69% of its cost. The rates are set by the seller regardless the delivery region.

The tool now already has more than 230 000 goods and this number continues to grow. Each product in Hot Products has its own affiliate link, which you should place on your ad space. If a user follows the link and buys this particular product, you will get an increased reward.

You should not be afraid about delivery time, it is already stabilized and customers around the world are happy to get their orders in time.

To get affiliate links to the products, you need to join Aliexpress program first.

If you have not heard about our tool Hot Products, here you may read more about it.

And do not forget to watch the video where we tell how to work with Aliexpress affiliate program.

Don’t miss a chance to increase your profit!

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