Dragon Boat Fest: earn more during the holidays!

Dragon boat festival is a traditional holiday celebrated across all China. As the citizens of the Celestial Empire hold boat races, eat rice wrapped in bamboo leaves and enjoy themselves, shop owners welcome their customers with big discounts. Admitad joins the festival of Сhinese retailers to give its publishers yet another opportunity to gain profit.

Last year, the promotion could boast an increase by 9% in cart size and 2% in registrations. However certain affiliate programs showed more significant growth — 20-25% more orders and a 20-30% larger average check compared with 2018’s results.

This year, Dragon Boat Fest in Admitad will last for a month — from June 25 to July 25. The advertisers are happy to offer their publishers generous promo codes and 30% higher reward rates. Dozens of shops chose to participate, including:

More and more advertisers are joining the party every day. Affiliate programs with extra festival rewards can be found in the catalogue under the Dragon Boat Fest filter. Ask your affiliate network manager or support team to find out more details. 

Join the festival to earn more during the holidays!

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