Early sale season: join China Fest by Admitad to get prizes and higher rates

The year’s end is drawing near, and so are Black Friday and Christmas holidays. Admitad team and our advertisers are happy to start the season earlier and invite publishers to join China Fest. The event kicks off on October 1st.


China Fest by Admitad will be held from 1st to 31st of October.


The whole world.

What is China Fest by Admitad?

China Fest is an annual sales activity for publishers held by Admitad and Chinese advertisers. They offer the publishers special terms and discounts for popular goods, including gadgets, smartphones, electronics, accessories and other best-selling products. Here’s the list of online retailers participating in China Fest by Admitad this year:

The whole list of programs participating in China Fest is available in Admitad catalogue by the ‘China Fest’ filter.

What are the prizes for publishers?

During the festival Admitad advertisers who participate in China Fest offer higher rates, special promo codes and a chance to win one of the prizes: $555, $888 or $1166. The money will be given to three publishers who drive the largest number of sales compared to September figures to one or several China Fest programs.

To participate, publishers need to deliver at least 15 orders and inform their Admitad manager (or Admitad support team — via tickets).

The winners will be announced in December — after verification of sales with the advertisers.

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