Eco-week at Admitad: developing healthy habits and learning to consume wisely

A careful attitude to the environment is a relevant issue in modern society. We at Admitad support ecological initiatives: for example, at the end of April, the company had an eco-week. In this article we share our impressions.

Less sugar and more steps

 From the beginning of the week a marathon of healthy habits started at the company. Every day employees from different Admitad offices completed certain tasks: they passed ecological literacy tests; limited consumption of sweets; and tried to sleep no less than 7 hours a day. Employees shared their successes in stories and supported each other. The most active participants received well-deserved presents – healthy snacks and a certificate for the eco-shop “Kotomka”.

“All these marathons for me are very useful because I often think about sport, ecology, and the environment. Whilst remote working, and during bad weather, I walked and breathed fresh air less often. However, the marathon helped me to bring this habit back and reminded me that I have many forests around my house. Every day we received different tasks and shared our results via Instagram stories. For me, it was a kind of challenge: “How can I hit my face in the dirt in front of my colleagues and subscribers?” It was not easy to start the morning with a warm-up and to walk 8-9 thousand steps a day. However, after a week I got used to it and continue till this day”, Anastasia Pozdnyakova, Account Manager I Admitad Affiliate told.


“It is not the first time we have a marathon of healthy habits. I always actively take part in it. Once I even helped to organize the event. Preparing for summer, especially during quarantine, is a headache for the majority of people. My friends and I gained extra kilos and wanted to lose weight in a short time. And the Admitad team gave us a cool tool to start on the way to the goal. It is very valuable that tasks were simple enough: everybody is able to fulfill the norm of sleep, steps, coffee, and water. And we received interesting tests on ecological topics that gave me new knowledge” shared her impressions Anastasia Andrievskaya Country Manager Belarus | Admitad Affiliate

 Swap-party and charity

 On the 22nd of April at the International Earth Day the Moscow team of Admitad had a swap party. During the week employees brought different things to exchange with colleagues and gave clothes to the charity fund “Lavka radiosity”. In the evening there was a lecture in the conference hall “How to sort waste correctly”.

Reasonable attitude to fashion 

 Employees of the German Admitad office conducted a live broadcast in conjunction with the platform “CLOTHESFriends”. The platform’s aim is to change attitudes to fashion: don’t buy new clothes, but, borrow them and give them to rent. Everyone has an opportunity to give clothes a second life and make their own contribution to environmental protection. 

“Order in the workplace is order in life” 

Employees took away all unnecessary possessions from their workspace, at home or in the office. Some departments conducted a joint cleaning session, it proved to be not only useful but also fun. 🙂

Eco-week helped us become more mindful, change habits, and pay attention to environmental problems.

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