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Adplexity is a leading instrument of mobile, desktop and native monitoring of ads in the Internet. We can characterize their service as a deep statistics and data-collection software for the CPA marketing field. This tracking is already available in over 75 countries including the U.S, Germany, the U.K., Russia and many other countries worldwide.

Currently Adplexity system analyses over 100 affiliate networks. It is, actually, able to ‘dig insight’ these networks’ online activities and to uncover their profitable desktop, mobile and native advertising campaigns introducing the results to its user with a single click!

Are You Interested? Let us now look carefully insight the Adplexity system and learn how it helps.

Adplexity system includes four types of services, when each one, accordingly, is totally dedicated to tracking of desktop, mobile, native or even adult traffic sources.

Among the services provided, it is worth to mention the following features:

  • tracking mobile advertising with filtering by operators;
  • collection of all types of CPA-advertising from more than 100 partner networks;
  • monitoring of banners in mobile applications for Android;
  • selective tracking of advertising from traffic providers. In particular, advertising campaigns from pop-up networks PropellerAds, PopAds, AdCash, PopCash can be studied in this way;
  • fully automated downloading of landings (!), including scripts and CSS files. The downloaded site is provided to the client of the service in the form of an archive;
  • graphical representation of statistical data;
  • downloading of every landing page with page dependencies (images, css, JavaScript, ..or, in a .zip) right from your user interface;
  • fast search by an advertiser, a publisher, a keyword, an affiliate network & much more!


Respectively, you can get an analysis of various parts of your own or your competitors’ marketing campaign. For example, with Adplexity, you are able to see the data on the campaign’s duration and the best weekdays of the campaign’s performance.

Secondly, Adplexity also shows which devices are the most suitable for targeting by your marketing campaign: you will see the whole range of devices and the results these devices bring in terms of specific customer-targeting.

Thirdly, in Adplexity you will also see where each advertiser buy traffic and who are those top publishers who help them to get this traffic.

The following types of advertising are tracked:

  • Pop-up;
  • In-app (advertising in mobile applications);
  • Mobile Web;
  • Redirects;
  • Text advertising.

Meanwhile, it is possible to set complex sampling filters, taking into account the keywords, the name of the advertising or affiliate network.

Adplexity, actually, operates in different versions: mobile, desktop, native and adult.

You may also notice that Adplexity, actually, offers quite similar perks and features for analysing traffic from desktop, mobile and native sources.

What really important, is that this technology will definitely show you a full picture of the affiliate marketing industry highlighting various players and introducing an extensive data for the market research. You can use this data to take informed decisions in the process of management and planning of your online advertising campaigns. You can also use Adplexity research engine to measure and compare your own strengths and weaknesses in the affiliate marketing field, to learn from others and, to overgrow them using this knowledge.

Their analytical tool for mobile traffic helps Adplexity users to see an extensive list of useful data that, depending on their query, is segmented by Apple or Android for Mobile, by  Windows or Mac or Chrome, IE, FF and  Safari, for Desktop and, by Windows PC, Mac, iPhone, Android Phones, iPad or Android Tablet for the Native Adplexity version.

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