Express Payments via PayPal & Complete Disabling of Domain Parking

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The admitad team is constantly working on developing its own platform. We develop technologies and tools to make work for publishers and advertisers much easier and optimize existing processes. We are going to issue the “Technology Digest” by admitad to help our partners always be aware of any events, be first to learn about innovations, and make informed, well-argued decisions to get high earnings!

Roman Barkholenko, 

Chief Technology Officer, admitad

In 2017  the admitad’s development department completed many tasks of diverse complexity regarding different topics. One of the most recent implementations was an introduction of Express payments via PayPal in December, as well as the complete disabling of the Domain Parking tool.

Express Payments via PayPal

In 2017 admitad improved the system of payments, providing publishers with the opportunity to order express payments through epayments and PayPal.

Available currencies in epayments and PayPal include RUB, USD and EUR. The limit for a one-time payment in epayments is RUB 250,000, USD 5,000 and EUR 4,000. The PayPal limits are: RUB 139,999, EUR 3,499 and USD 4,500. In both cases, the admitad’s commission is 5% of the payment amount regardless of the currency.

Complete Disabling of Domain Parking

In October-November 2017, admitad decided to disable the Domain Parking tool for the following reasons:

First, many social networks, such as Vkontakte and Odnoklassniki, cut domains in the redirect chain, so that users go directly to the final URL. As a result, the action is not fixed in the system, and a publisher loses his money.

Second, when redirecting through a parked domain, admitad cannot send its cookie to the user, which is used as a backup option for identifying the publisher. Therefore, in the event of an integration failure on the advertiser’s side, tracking became impossible.

Moreover, some advertisers, for technical reasons, could not work with parked domains, and if the user, at first, clicked the standard link of one publisher, and then – the link of the other publisher with the parked domain, then the action counted for the first publisher, as the system did not see the last transition cookie.

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