Find coupons and promo codes from advertisers with Admitad Extension for Google Chrome

We released an update for Admitad Extension for Google Chrome, with new feature that allows to search and generate coupons links and promo codes quick and easy.

If a publisher wants to attract loyal audience, coupons or promo codes is a simple way to benefit from. 

Previously publishers had to login to their accounts on Admitad website and search for relevant coupons and promo codes there. By releasing an update for Admitad Extension we made this process simpler: any publisher now can find active coupons in the extension for Google Chrome. How does it work?

Admitad Extension for Google Chrome

This summer we released an updated Admitad Extension tool for publishers: now they can search for active programs right in the search engine results or generate affiliate links automatically on websites of advertisers.  The number of connected advertisers increased 20 times and surpassed 30,000 from all over the world.

New feature: quick search for coupons and promo codes

Previously we made a post in the blog about the updated Admitad Extension — how to install it and start using its standard options. We simplified registration so any user can do it in a few minutes or clicks. 

This update brings a completely new feature: fast and easy search for coupons. By using a new tool advanced publishers can go to the website of the advertiser and find active coupons or promo codes right there.

For activating coupons feature, user needs to authorize in the extension using Admitad login. After that, the additional tab for coupons will appear in the application. Any Admitad-registered publisher can go to the website of favourite online store and copy a link for an active coupon.  

All the coupons available in Admitad Extension can be sorted by name, geography or expiry date. There different types of offers: free delivery, discount for an order (for some goods or for a certain amount) or gifts for purchase.

Coupons or promo codes work for almost any type of traffic: from messengers to video reviews, articles on content websites or emailing.

Admitad Extension for Google Chrome is a useful tool both for advanced publishers and  newcomers. By using it they can monetize the traffic quick and easy. Admitad Extension for Google Chrome is available for download here.

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