Fraud: Answers to the most important questions


Fraud – cheating by publishers – is a widespread phenomenon in CPA marketing, which can affect not only advertisers and affiliate networks, but also for honest webmasters.

Wrapping clicks, spam, trademark bidding and much more – Admitad has prepared detailed answers to these and other questions.

In the document we answer the following questions:

  1. What is fraud in affiliate marketing?
  2. What is the psychology and risks of fraud?
  3. What kinds of fraud are dangerous for advertisers in CPA marketing?
  4. What is trademark bidding? What features are there?
  5. What is cookie dropping / cookie stuffing?
  6. How do you control the quality of traffic in Admitad?
  7. What traffic quality tools are used in Admitad?
  8. What happens to the detected violations in Admitad?
  9. Can advertisers independently identify frauds among market participants in partner marketing?
  10. Is it possible to automate the fraud detection process?
  11. What tools are available to identify fraud?
  12. How and where to report fraud, if you become a victim?
  13. How does fraud affect the market of partner marketing?
  14. The branch of partner marketing is growing rapidly. Is it possible to predict the same growth of technologies of combating fraud?
  15. Will the GDPR and measures of boosting the protection of user data improve the methods of preventing and combating fraud on the Internet?
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