GDPR: Answers to the most important questions about the new European law


May 25, 2018 is when the European GDPR enters into force – the European regulation on the protection of personal data.

The affiliate-marketing market participants raise many questions: what will change after May 25? How to build user interaction? What is ePrivacy and how is it different from the GDPR? Will every action be strictly regulated?

Admitad has prepared a special document, where the company’s position on the GDPR is stated and answers to the main questions are given – listed above and not only.

In this document, we covered the following questions.:

  1. What is GDPR? What is it about?
  2. What is the difference between the new regulations and the current directive?
  3. How will the adoption of ePrivacy influence affiliate marketing?
  4. Is Admitad ready for GDPR?
  5. What will change for Admitad as an affiliate network when the regulations come
    into force?
  6. Will companies engaged in affiliate marketing still be able to make money?
  7. Why have all-European regulations on personal data protection (GDPR) and
    ePrivacy become necessary?
  8. What can/ should digital marketing companies do before the regulations of May
    25, 2018 come into effect?
  9. In the future, users will have to opt-in for cookie tracking. Have you taken the
    appropriate steps? Are they possible?
  10. Are there any other ways of tracking, apart from cookies, that could be used to
    circumvent the regulations (such as fingerprint, for example)?
  11. Is it enough to display a message on a banner or in a popup window saying “By
    visiting our website you consent to processing your cookies?”
  12. You are providing certain expertise to your customers. Will you be able to
    continue doing it if only “indispensable” and “functional” data are allowed to be
    handled in the future?
  13. What do you mean by “default confidentiality”?
  14. Does Admitad view the new regulations as an opportunity to form a log-in
    alliance with its advertisers and publishers?
  15. Who is going to benefit from GDPR coming into effect?
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