Guest accounts for admitad publishers


Meet a new tool for Admitad large-scale publishers. It will be interesting for those who already have a whole team working, or those who are actively growing, and are ready to hire employees to delegate some tasks.

Starting from today you can provide access to your employees only to those parts of your account that they need for work, and hide the rest.

And, what is more important, you will no longer have to share your login and password with  everyone — each guest will have their own account with flexible access settings that can be changed at any time.

For example, you can provide the support team with access to lost orders, the accountants will get access to payouts and payment information, and the developers — to Postback URL settings. On the other hand, you will be able to hide statistics, exclusive rates and other confidential information.

You can create a new guest account in the account settings (“Settings” → “Guest accounts” → “Add an account”). Specify the user’s personal data and e-mail, and choose the sections they will have access to.


An invitation with the link to login and password creation will be sent to the specified e-mail address.

Created accounts will be displayed on the “Guest accounts” page. From this page, you will be able to quickly send e-mails to all or selected employees, change access settings or sign in as the user and check which sections and functions are available to them.


Example of using guest account


We know that many of you want to hire editors for publishing advertising posts and to track the  effectiveness of their work. With guest access it comes down to several simple steps.

  1. Create a guest account for the editor and give to this editor a unique identifier, so that you can distinguish this editor from the others, e.g. “editor_smith”.
  2. The editor installs Admitad Extension for Chrome and write their identifier in the SubID field.


3. Done! Now the editor can generate affiliate links to the products right on the store’s website, and all these links will be already marked with SubID. If you want to know which of the editors works, just go to the SubID statistics.

Read more about guest accounts in the Help center.

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