How can you earn more using push notifications?


Now we offer a new way to return users to your websites and earn more—free push notifications.

What are push notifications?

They are short messages website administrators can send to visitors. Not just registered users receive them, but all users no matter what. Your users do not have to be on an email list or receive messages/tickets, as they are displayed on the desktop even if the browser is closed

Push messages consist of a title, a small motivating text, the sender’s image and a link to the site. So let’s take a look at why push notifications are so great and how they can help publishers.

What’s great about push notifications?

First of all, it is a new channel of communication with the customer, and the notifications are always up-to-date, quick and cheap. Push is an effective tool to return traffic to your website. And now for the details:

  • They attract attention. It’s hard to miss a push.
  • It’s faster than email (up to 100,000 messages per minute) and cheaper than sms.
  • Simple collection method for a database. The conversion rate of a visitor’s push subscription is
  • 30x more than for email.

Push notifications appear at the right time and with concise information. This is especially useful, as the average user reads your ad message within the span of just a couple seconds.

People don’t read anymore; they scan texts, so push notifications are a perfect medium for your site. However, the most important thing is to use it wisely and not too heavy handedly.

Why should a publisher start using Push.World?

In May a new service was released for instant notifications called Push.World. For now it is just a beta-version, but it’s performance is already inspiring.
Also, Push.World is absolutely free.

Who can use it and how does it bring in revenue?

Push.World is designed for website owners with ssl-certificates installed. In other words, sites that work through both the https-protocol and standard http.
Push.World can bring about great results in the following ad spaces:

  • blogs, any content project (Internet magazines, news websites), forums;
  • showcase websites, price comparison sites, feedback sites;
  • groups or communities on social media, YouTube channels.

What can and should you send?

  • Notifications about discounts and promotions;
  • Notifications about the launch of new products;
  • Pushes about the publication of new articles, news, blog posts;
  • Invitations (to sales, contests or any other event);
  • Messages about changes to the website’s operation (technical issues, new functionality).

A wise messaging strategy will guarantee more traffic to the website and bring about great results. So try to act earlier than your competitors do by connecting today and amassing a loyal audience.

How does it work? How to turn on push notifications?

The beta version of Push.World works with Chrome, Opera, Yandex and Amigo.
You can set up push notifications in four simple steps:

  • add website;
  • download two files with code;
  • insert two strings of code to the website (there is simple guide for this);
  • send out a mass request for subscriptions.

The request appears in a dialog box typical for the browser where a user gives consent to receive the notifications. Now you can compile your database and create interesting messages.

What functions does Push.World have?

From the very start Push.World has a lot to offer, and the future has much more in store.
What you can access now:

  • individual browser flagging to increase loyalty;
  • mass instant sending of a huge amount of notifications (up to 100,000 per minute);
  • utm-tags to integrate with third-party systems for analytics and detailed traffic tracking;
  • widgets to manage user loyalty.

Soon you can also access the following:

  • options for when to show the subscription request (when logging on to the website, after looking through N pages, after spending some time on the website or performing a certain action);
  • instant or delayed (scheduled) sending of notifications;
  • advanced reports with graphics (for location, devices);
  • targeting – to segment and send newsletters to different categories of recipients and platforms;
  • personalization – to address the client by name or some other signifier;
  • time management – to set the exact life span or display time for push notifications;
  • API – for full integration with your website and the automation of processes.

Push.World will also share in their blog how push notifications can help you retain subscribers, avoid mistakes and earn the loyalty of your users. The blog also contains useful recommendations and instructions, life hacks and inspiring cases.

Check out for yourself the useful and simple functions this service has to offer – connect to Push.World for free.

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