Immediately “yes” : offers and traffic sources with the fastest approval

Approval speed is one of the most important factors for a webmaster. The sooner the brand confirms the lead, the sooner it will be possible to put the newly acquired capital into circulation and earn even more. Admitad Affiliate analyzed how fast this process is going across all traffic sources and product categories and found out the clear favorites.

Below check out top categories with the fastest approval time:

Among the affiliate programs with the fastest approval in North America are Romwe US, Onnit US.

The speed of confirmation and traffic sources vary. We analyzed how quickly different publishers managed to get approval for their leads in May. We managed to highlight the top ones from them:


These statistics are very useful for the webmasters for whom rapid capital turnover is important. If every minute counts, try working with the offers where the lead confirmation rate is maximum. Then, perhaps, it will be possible not only to speed up the work, but also discover new profitable categories of offers.

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