Instant Pay — quick withdrawal to improve your cash flow

Time is money. The quicker you get your money, the quicker you can grow it. With this in mind, Admitad has created Instant Pay, a new tool for publishers that will allow you to withdraw earned funds within 24 hours, i.e., quicker than the advertiser pays the bill.


How Instant Pay works

You have brought targeted orders, earned money but can not receive it, because the advertiser has not replenished the balance in the system yet. Every day of delay deprives you of new income since money in the “Awaiting Payment by the Advertiser” cannot be put to work.

We realize how important it is for any publisher to have free funds. To improve your cash flow, Admitad has come up with a new Instant Pay tool. Instant Pay is a service that allows publishers to withdraw the funds they earned without waiting for the advertiser to pay the bill for confirmed orders.

With Instant Pay, all earned funds that have not yet been paid by the advertiser will be transferred from the Awaiting Payment by the Advertiser status to the Ready for Withdrawal within 24 hours, after which you can channel them into buying traffic, hiring employees, creating content or any other needs of yours and thereby increase your profitability.


Who can use the service

Instant Pay is available to publishers who meet the following requirements:

  • Have cooperated with Admitad Affiliate for over 6 months.
  • Successfully passed the automatic system evaluation and gained access to the Instant Pay service.
  • Have funds in the Awaiting Payment by the Advertiser.


How to use Instant Pay

  1. In the ‘Your balance’ block, under the funds contained in the Awaiting payment by the Advertiser status, click on How can I make funds ‘Ready for withdrawal’.
  2. In the Admitad Instant Pay section, go to the Awaiting Payment by the Advertiser tab and create a request to transfer all funds to Ready for Withdrawal.
  3. Wait for 24 hours and see how the funds from the Awaiting Payment by the Advertiser status have been relocated to the Ready for Withdrawal status, then withdraw them.


For further information on how the tool works, please visit the Publisher Help Center page.

We sincerely hope that the Instant Pay tool will help Admitad Affiliate publishers withdraw funds quicker and use them to increase their earnings.


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