Instant Payout Updates

In July 2021 Instant Payout (formerly Instant Pay) became available for Admitad Affiliate publishers. With its help you can speed up the receipt of earned funds for the actions that the advertiser has not yet paid for. On January 25, the tool was updated with one of the planned improvements — an automatic mode of use.

We’ve already written about how Instant Payout works and which webmasters can take advantage of it in our blog. 

Briefly: the tool helps accelerate access to working capital, which allows you to reinvest money more quickly in the development of your project.

From January 25, a publisher will be able to automatically create requests in the personal account. That means, the service Instant Payout will be available in two modes:

1. Manual mode. You will need to create a manual request to withdraw money from the «Pending payment from advertiser» to «Ready for withdrawal» status. This format is convenient if you urgently need the budget for new ad campaigns or other needs. 

2. Automatic mode (autotransfer). In your account you can enable the auto-transfer mode. In this case requests will be automatically created each time you get some funds in the «Waiting for payment by advertiser» status (no more often than once a day). 

You can activate auto transfer by pressing the same button in your account.

Please read more about the tool in the Support center

We continue to develop Instant Payout so that webmasters can access working capital much faster. The ability to use the tool in automatic mode allows you to forget about the existence of «Delayed Funds» and focus on the development of your project.

Improve your cash flow with Admitad Affiliate!

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