Instant Payout Pro Is Now Open for Anyone To Join

Last year, Admitad launched Instant Payout Pro, an improvement to Instant Payout that dramatically speeds up the payout withdrawal process for publishers – even enabling one-day withdrawals for CPA actions.

It works by cutting out a significant step in the payment process, enabling pending payments to skip the ‘On Hold’ phase and go straight to ‘Ready for Withdrawal.’ This approval step used to take weeks if not months. With Instant Payout Pro, payments can be approved and withdrawn within minutes. 

Analyzing CPA actions awaiting payment approval from advertisers, the feature uses AI to calculate the likelihood that an advertiser will approve them. If it deems the action complete, it pre-approves a payment, enabling publishers to instantly withdraw their earnings. 

The system considers several hundreds of factors, including publisher approval and advertiser payout histories, generated traffic amounts, total turnover and earnings statistics, order-specific data, and action characteristics.

All orders are still eventually checked and approved by the advertiser themselves. Instant Payout Pro offers publishers a financial buffer to withdraw most of their money ahead of time.

In December 2022, a group of 50 partners began testing the technology. Early positive results led us to expand the test group to 250 partners and publishers. 

After only six months of data collection, Instant Payout Pro’s AI technology had reached 95% accuracy in predicting advertiser approval – and, as the algorithm is self-learning, this has continued to improve. 

Now, the testing is over – Admitad is ready to roll Instant Payout Pro out even further – to all of our partners and publishers.

Please check your account and click on BOOST WITHDRAWAL button in it. 

Start working with Instant Payout Pro today!

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