Introducing new Admitad ticket system

We are transferring the ticketing system of the partnership network onto the Zendesk platform. It will improve the service quality and speed up the solution of emerging problems. Average start-up time of support with a ticket has already greatly accelerated and currently is less than 15 minutes. The transition will take place in stages – the first part of users have already received access to the new system. 

Regular surveys of partners played an important role in this upgrade. We heeded your concerns and made the tickets processing faster and more convenient by launching the first line tech support. We see it as a single contact center for answering all your questions and resolving basic technical problems. And if you do not know where to go with your issue – just ask the Support team, and they will definitely solve it. We expect it to resolve up to 80% of all incoming requests in a matter of hours.

What’s new?

The first line support speeds up the processing of tickets that do not require further clarification or additional details. As a result, the support manager starts working on your request within 30 minutes after its creation in the system. 

You will see a notification that your ticket is being processed. Within two hours, an employee either gives a response to your question or, if it is necessary to involve other specialists, transfers the ticket to the responsible person. First line support staff are available 24 hours a day.

We have also improved the functionality of the ticket system with the help of Zendesk platform. It is an award-winning customer service software trusted by more than 200 thousand clients and powering billions of conversations around the world. 

In addition to significantly speeding up all processes and making them more convenient, this service will also expand our ability to analyze interactions with partners. We will closely monitor the closing time of tickets, their processing time, the average number of requests per day, and other indicators. In the future, this will allow us to better distribute the workload on support specialists and further speed up the processing of your tickets, while improving its efficiency and your comfort. 

We’ve added the ability to receive incoming requests from the partnership network. You will be able to view and reply to messages created by Admitad Affiliate employees.

All existing tickets will be transferred to the new system. Each user will receive an email notification before switching to the updated ticket system. A link to the new ticketing platform will appear in the usual place – in the “Technical support” section of your personal account. Instructions on creating a ticket are available on the Help Center page

In the future, other Admitad businesses will also switch to the new system using Zendesk. We will connect them to it gradually, based on their readiness and current flow of business processes.

Thank you for your feedback and participation in surveys – you help us to become better!

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