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We are pleased to introduce a new tool for publishers that will be particularly interesting for cashback services. This tool is called “Lost orders”.

Sometimes, users of cashback services make a purchase after following a link, and it is not counted — here are several reasons why this might happen.

Using this new tool you will be able to send to the advertisers the information about the orders that were not counted in the system to some reason, or were rejected by the advertiser by mistake.

Such a request may be created in two ways:

  • using Admitad API
  • via the publisher’s account (Tools > Lost orders), filling out a special form

When creating, please specify:

  • Order ID from the advertiser’s system – using this number, the advertiser will be able to identify the order in his statistics.
  • Affiliate program — which advertiser has placed the order?
  • Ad space* — from which of your ad spaces the user went to the advertiser’s site and places the order?
  • Order date* — the date of placing the order.
  • Order amount* is specified in the currency in which the affiliate program is operating.
  • Comment — a comment from you or your client.
  • A screenshot, a scan or a photo of client’s receipt in jpg, jpeg, png, or gif format as the proof of placing the order.

The form looks as follows:


The positions marked with * will not be required if a previously rejected order is meant, since all this information is already in the Admitad system.

After some time, the advertiser will process the request, and will either confirm it — and you will get a new confirmed order, or reject it, if it turns out that the order came from another source (scored to another publisher), or is not even present in the database of the advertiser.

You can see the reason for rejection in the status of processed request, and all requests will be stored in your personal account.


Update of the requests status is available via API as well, therefore the tool can be easily scaled for large amounts of cashback services.

An example of how an order is credited to another publisher.


The new section is available for all publishers. The majority of Admitad’s advertisers are already involved in searching for lost orders. The complete list may be obtained by using the “Tools” filter in the catalog of requests.


The Lost orders tool lets Admitad publishers to solve the issue with the orders that were rejected and dismissed by mistake. In the end, it will make it possible to get the honestly earned money. This is an especially relevant tool for the cashback services that share their affiliate reward with their users.

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