Mobile SDK: maximum profit from new traffic sources

Fast-paced growth of sales via mobile channel makes advertisers constantly seek new sources of traffic – in mobile apps, messengers, social networks. But how does one attract new mobile-oriented publishers? Admitad made it possible by releasing a brand-new tool for advertisers – Mobile SDK, which provides full-scale mobile tracking.


Why are mobile users of such value?

Today’s customer has an opportunity to buy almost anything via smartphone. Online stores, in their turn, continue perfecting their mobile services, in order to simplify and optimize the online sales customer experience.

Social commerce* deserves a separate mention as it is gaining momentum by the day. By now, social media have turned into probably the most innovative marketplaces and they keep improving their tools for making purchases online. According to Statista, in Q3 2018 mobile devices were responsible for 68% of retail site visits and 54% of orders worldwide.

Usage of messengers and social media is mostly mobile-based. According to We Are Social and Hootsuite platforms, 95% of Facebook logins originated from smartphone or tablet. Unsurprisingly, a total turnover of mobile users via messengers and social media amounted almost to $250 billion.

*Social commerce is trade relations that involve using social media and online media that support social interaction to assist in the buying and selling of products (and services).


How to attract mobile customers?

Delivering a sustainable growth in the amount of orders from mobile can be achieved by engaging new publishers, mainly targeting mobile ad spaces. However, one should take into account that mobile-driven publishers tend to abstain from offers without in-app tracking, because this way they may lose a share of their orders and suffer losses as a result.

To solve this problem, Admitad developed Mobile SDK (software development kit) – a CPA-oriented solution that provides correct attribution of orders without artificial attribution windows or CPI priority.


How does it work?

Mobile SDK allows tracking of any user actions within the app: placing an order, making payments or logging into the app. If the app was not previously installed on the device, the system would also record the installation. The advertisers can specify any user action as target, so they will only have to pay publishers is the goal is achieved.

The process is completely transparent for both the advertiser and the publisher.

Publishers who used to avoid joining affiliate programs due to possible losses can now rest easy, having no fear of mobile performance marketing. This way, advertisers will gain access to new traffic sources and increase the inflow of orders.

«I’m mostly working with social media and messengers – due to the special nature of these ad spaces, the key share of my users converts from mobile devices. This is why when choosing an offer I always check whether there is tracking in the mobile app. If the advertiser has Admitad SDK installed, it means the orders from the app won’t get lost, so I can work with such offers most efficiently, providing extra promotion via my channels», — one of Admitad publishers shared his impression of the new tool.

Admitad Mobile SDK allows gaining commission without losses, increasing the conversion rate of advertisers’ programs, eventually making them even more attractive for other publishers. According to Admitad corporate statistics, offers with SDK experienced an increase up to +20% in the number of orders.


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