New Ways To Target and Invite Publishers in Admitad Publisher Invitations Tool

In 2022, the Publisher invitations feature was added to all Admitad advertiser accounts. It allowed advertisers to take the initiative and send personalized invitations to partners, inviting them to join their affiliate programs.

Admitad is happy to introduce two new updates to this Publisher invitations tool. These updates aim to help advertisers further segment and target publishers. They include:

  1. New Ad space type filter. This tool allows the filtering of publishers based on the ad spaces they occupy, e.g., social networks, messengers, and web services. 
  2. We’ve introduced new hints explaining what publisher Account level means and how Ad space score is calculated. The Account level is the publisher’s ranking within the Admitad Partner Network. Ad space score is the publisher’s earnings rating within a particular ad space (based on the last three months, compared to other publishers).

Learn more on how to invite publishers to join your program here.

Mitgo ID: access all major Mitgo businesses with one single login
Mitgo Id: Access All Major Mitgo Businesses With One Single Login
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