Publisher Invitations — the new feature for a profitable partnership

The new feature “Publisher invitations” has been added to the advertiser’s personal account. From now on, there is no need to wait for publishers to start cooperation. Advertisers can now take the initiative and invite partners to join their affiliate program by sending personalized invitations.

How it works

Earlier, if the brand was willing to cooperate with the particular publisher, the only option was to wait till this partner joins the program. But now advertisers can initiate the partnership simply by sending personal invitations to publishers.

The new feature can be found in the advertiser’s personal account in the menu section “Publishers”. If you can’t find a new feature in your account, ask the account manager for access. Advertisers can only invite publishers who haven’t worked with the affiliate program yet.

There are two ways to find publishers using the new feature:

• with the search toolbar using the publisher’s username or name of the ad space,

• using filters by region, category and working experience.

The information about sent invitations and activities of new publishers will be available in the “Invitation history” section. The brand will see which publishers have reviewed the invitations, accepted them, submitted a request to join and started working with the affiliate program.


• Both publishers and advertisers have a limit on the number of invitations — no more than 10 invitations per week. This limit will help publishers get more personalized offers and will protect them from spam.

• Advertisers can send invitations to every ad space only once. To increase conversion rates, advertisers can change the invitation template and add personal bonuses.

• The invitations can only be sent to the ad spaces that haven’t joined the affiliate program yet.

What does this feature give publishers?

Now not only publishers can take the first step towards cooperation with the affiliate program, but also a brand can offer partnership on special conditions. Publishers will be able to choose the most interesting offer and increase the profitability of their ad space.

Publishers will see invitations from advertisers in the Notification center in their accounts. Please read more about invitations on the Help Center page.

The “Publisher invitation” feature will be updated and improved with new filters for a more accurate partner search. Try out the new feature and make another step towards effective cooperation!

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