Recommended affiliate programs for your ad spaces

Recommended affiliate programs

Before you start working with Admitad as a publisher, you should add at least one ad space that will bring in traffic. While adding your ad space, please specify its type, the strongest GEOs and categories this ad space refers to.

A form for adding your ad space looks like the one provided on a screenshot.


There is the reason we ask for information that regard to the strongest GEOs and a category of the ad space. Even if you don’t add a website as an ad space, you should choose if it refers to:

  • arbitrary system
  • paid search
  • social networks
  • YouTube channel
  • doorway
  • e-mailing.

For these ad space types you should also add your category and the strongest GEOs. What do we need this information for? We need it to offer new affiliate programs that can potentially turn into a great profit in the specified GEOs and categories.

Please have a look at the publisher account of a Russian marketplace for your reference. The block of recommendations will contain the following affiliate programs:


If GearBest and Everbuying aren’t the most attractive from the point of view of eCPC (though why not), the Russian Decathlon is really great. Publishers could have missed a notification regarding to an affiliate program launch highlighted in newsletters, dashboard, blog or social networks.

That’s why we created a block with affiliate programs indicated as “Corresponding to the ad space.” In addition to this block we’ve also added a special category filter to the affiliate programs catalog.


The category filter allows you open a shortlist of affiliate programs that could be profitable for your ad space without extra efforts required from your end.

We recommend you to keep this information up-to-date, and fill in data about your new ad spaces correctly as far as this is the way we can provide you with offers that suit the best.

At the moment Admitad offers more than 800 affiliate programs, and this number keeps growing every day.

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