«Recommended by Admitad Affiliate»: how the affiliate network picks programs just for you

Admitad Affiliate catalogue has many different banners and paid ads. However, it also has algorithmic recommendations based on what programs publishers like you tend to join. And we would like to tell you more about it.

How the recommendations work

As you explore the Admitad Affiliate catalogue, you might find programs marked with a star badge. They are tailored individually for each publisher.

That’s how the programs are picked:

  • We find publishers who join the same programs as you;
  • Find out what other programs they are connected to;
  • Choose the programs with the highest approved publisher earnings;
  • Mark up to ten affiliate programs in your catalogue.

The list of recommended programs is updated every time you join another affiliate program, although recalibration takes a few minutes.

If you have no recommended programs in the catalogue, it means we have too little data to make assumptions. Try joining a few more affiliate programs.

Please find more information about badges and other features in our Support Center.

Paid promotions

You might have seen “Admitad’s choice” and “Programs for you” in the catalogue. These two showcases often appear during sales and other marketing events.

Places on these showcases can be rented. Advertisers often rent them in order to:

  • to draw publishers’ attention to a new affiliate program;
  • to boost campaign outreach during a marathon;
  • to notify publishers about new rates.

These highlights are set by business development managers manually and are the same for all publishers of the region.

Summing it up

Programs with a star badge are your friend and the source of aggregated data about other publishers’ income. Unlike paid promotions, recommendations are generated for each publisher individually, and no brand can purchase them as an advertisement.

Minding the star badge is in your best interest. But don’t forget to join the affiliate programs that appeal to you — only this way will we have enough data to provide you with relevant offers!

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