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“Rise of Mythos” – is not simply a turn-based strategy, this game is a fantasy world unto itself. Amass a unique army, wage battle with a collector’s deck of cards, each with its own set of skills. Issue orders with a single click of the mouse, winning battles using sound tactics!

This project’s developers have accomplished what mere mortals never hoped to achieve. They have created a browser-based game that is simple yet fascinating! Succeeding in this card-based MMORPG only takes a couple of clicks—and a mastery of strategy! This is one of those games where automatic mode is vastly inferior to step-by-step control. What better place to test your strategic mettle than Rise of Mythos?

Key features of “Rise of Mythos”

  • Right when the game begins, you have a couple of choices: 4 character classes and 7 groups of cards;
  • A huge number of creatures with all kinds of characteristics are at your disposal. Mix them together to assemble a unique army of your own;
  • The auction house is open to everyone looking to sell or buy something. Come here to find rare cards and items;
  • PvE adventure mode features more than 60 levels;
  • Things are always better as a team! Join a guild, make friends, and take advantage of all of the game’s multiplayer features;
  • You can also build cities, towers, and seaports. Playing never gets old!

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