Simplified integration via GTM template

Admitad custom template is now available in Google Tag Manager. The template is designed to make integration with the affiliate network via GTM even simpler. In the article, we review what simplified integration is needed for and how it is different from the advanced one.

GTM: tags and templates

GTM tag is a piece of code in JavaScript that allows to track the activity on websites and sends it to third-party services.

Admitad tracking code consists of two such tags. By placing them in a GTM-container on their website, the advertiser can collect data on user actions and forward it to the affiliate network, where the whole statistics is available in one piece.

GTM Custom Templates are used to create tags and variables. The service has many such templates published — native GTM Monitor as well as multiple other ad-tracking services.

Now Admitad managed to add its own templates to the list.  


Pros of simplified integration via GTM:

  • Quick and easy way to install the tracking code from an official GTM Templates store;
  • A simple way to adjust deduplication — instead of changing the tracking code, you would only have to change the parameter used to identify the last paid source;
  • Marketing experts of the advertiser or the agency (as well as Admitad managers that are given access to GTM) have to deal less with the website code;
  • Quality control — the solution has been tested by Google before the release; 
  • Perfect alternative to out-of-date <img> pixels.


How is simplified integration via GTM different from the advanced one?

  • Deduplication is on by default

In the simplified integration, the advertiser can only give a name to the GET-parameter which is used to perform deduplication.

NB: if deduplication of your affiliate program differs from the standard one and is not defined by one GET-parameter, rather by a set of rules, it is advised to use the advanced integration.

  • Cross-device is only on if configured manually

The cross-device feature is only active if the advertiser passes along the Account ID.

  • No protection from cookie lifetime change

Browsers can cut down the lifetime of cookies that contain admitad_uid, value used to attribute the order to a certain publisher. If the cookies are deleted before the order is made, publishers will gain less profit. Advanced integration protects cookies from this deletion by using alternative methods of storing the admitad_uid value.

  • Parallel tracking for Google Ads is off

Critical when managing affiliate programs with a large share of mobile traffic.


How do I install the template?

Disclaimer: We do not recommend using GTM container for integration since it is prone to blocking by extensions. Please kindly use the standard method of integration by tracking code.

Should you eventually choose the simplified GTM integration, please follow the instructions listed in Admitad Help Center.

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