Stakes are high: Christmas and New Year Sales are coming

The end of each year is really the time of shopping records: Admitad registers a manifold increase of sales during Singles’ Day and Black Friday. But this is by far not the end of the shopping madness: Christmas and New Year Sales are following and we know for sure – there is still a lot to expect! Higher average check & cart size, greatly increasing CR – those are the typical features of the season. In the article below, we explain how to make the most of these sales.

The main life hack to bear in mind is to plan all of your activities beforehand. Be ready to offer your audience what will interest them most during this new year rush. We analyzed the data of previous years and prepared a few pieces of advice for publishers.

What’s in demand? 

According to research, the most desired gifts are gadgets and electronics: many people would like Santa to bring them a new mobile phone, tablet, a game console or even a 

quadrocopter. It is rather helpful to prepare a couple of recommendations on what goods are trendy, overviews of the deepest discounts or promo campaigns in online stores – this is indeed the way to multiply your chances for higher income during this period of time.   

What else can be of interest just before the New Year celebration? Understated and rather profitable segment of online stores are the ones selling audio/music supplies (e.g. very popular nowadays vinyl records), fancywork utensils and accessories (new year is the way to new hobbies for many), goods for your beloved pets or expensive car items.

We would not recommend you limit your activities only to the goods: in high season, people also spend more money than usual on travelling, online education and sometimes even financial products. Take this into account.

What tools to use?

In high season it is important to act quickly and manage your campaigns easily. Thus, it is extremely helpful for any publisher to have all the necessary tools in hand, be it the quick access to promo materials, promo codes or coupons and deeplinks. Working with Admitad you have all of those at your disposal:

Coupons and promo codes. In their Admitad account, publishers will find up-to-date coupons and promo codes for all the available stores – no need to text your affiliate network manager anymore. Apart from that, the publishers can request a personal promo code (section “Unique or Exclusive Promo Codes”). 

Admitad Extension with the special toolbar. After the latest update, our browser extension became a real multifunctional tool. All the necessary information about affiliate programs can be found right away in the browser: everything from the average check up to the confirmation rate. Another useful feature is that the deep links can be created literally in a single click.

Telegram Bot. Admitad Chatbot helps publishers to create deeplinks and check whether they function correctly right in the messenger. It works on any device where Telegram is installed, thus it is very convenient for these “new era publishers” – bloggers, owners of social media communities or Instagram accounts.

When to launch the campaigns? 

Based on Admitad data, the sales peak takes place in the middle of the December – between the 10th and 15th. But to ensure you make the most of it and have time to “warm up” your audience, we suggest starting the preparation no later than in the first week of December. 

The first winter month is also the time of higher conversion rates that we can track year-on-year. During the New Year and Christmas sales, consumers are more purchase-oriented and confirm  their orders more frequently to make sure their close ones receive gifts on time.

Remind yourself to act carefully and not overload the audience: remember how many discount notifications are received by customers every day at the end of the year. Share the content which is truly important and interesting – do not turn into a spammer.

Discover more information about the new year sales as well as the list of available affiliate programs. Stay tuned and do not miss out on the final sales of 2019! 

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