Talking about Cyber Monday: 2016 trends report & 2017 annual forecast

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Cyber Monday took place on 25th of  January 2016. We’d like to introduce our insights and stats of sales dynamics in customer segments, determined by sales increase in 2016.

3-days of sales dynamics per hour is graphically represented below.  Herewith, Cyber Monday sales are devided into 3 periods of time – a preriod prior to Cyber Monday, deal-making in a process and 24 hours later after its completion.

In general,  the e-commerce turnover results are the following:

  • 2x more sales on 25th comparing to 24th of January ( pre-Cyber Monday)
  • 1.5x of sales decrease on January 26 ( a day after Cyber Monday) comparing to January 25

Within e-Commerce there are the following 4 segments,  determined by peak sales (the segments are represented below in order of priority):

  • clothing & shoes online shops
  • online shops for kids
  • chinese online shops
  • online shop sporting goods & outdoor goods

To begin with, our general e-commerce review per hour is represented below

graphic total

25th and 26th of January at 1 AM are defined by peak sales. To tell more, peak sales on 26th of January, a day after Cyber Monday,  takes it position higher by almost a quarter

graphic clothes

The same situation is taking place within the clothing & shoes online shops

graphic child

It is duplicated with online shops for kids

graphic china

Chinese online shops were determined by peak sales at midnight,  moreover,  peak sales in the period of 24th of January to 25th were at the highest point comparing to the period from 25th to 26th of January

graphic sport

Evident peak sales were taking place at 1 AM on 25th of January within online shop sporting goods & outdoor goods

2016 Cyber Monday conversion growth

The average conversion by segments on a weekly basis prior to Cyber Monday 2016 ( from 18th till 24th of January)

  • e-commerce total – 0,92%
  • clothing & shoes online shops – 0,51%
  • online shops for kids – 0,56%
  • chinese online shops – 1,38%
  • online shop sporting goods & outdoor goods – 0,59%

The average conversion on Cyber Monday 2016 (25th of January)

  • e-commerce total- 0,95%
  • clothing  &shoes online shops – 0,68%
  • online shops for kids – 0,71%
  • chinese online shops – 1,55%
  • online shop sporting goods & outdoor goods – 0,77%

Quick guide recommendations for our partners

In the above diagrams it is assumed that Cyber Monday sales increase was taking place at 1 AM. That means all necessary advanced preperations should be provided prior to Cyber Monday, including  promo & info spread, diversifying traffic sources , promoting ad campaigns and etc. It’s high time to start doing it right now. You have to be prepared to launch the process of driving your traffic. Peak sales period will be starting at the beginning of 30 January and at the beginning of 31 January.  Try to to keep this date in mind!

To add more, there is available a CYBERMONDAY 2017  filter  in Coupons&Deals at our publishers disposal . By following this service, you may upload all the advertisers and Cyber Monday special offers.                   .


At the moment there is found approx. 75 items of such ad coupons. By 30th of January it could be doubled.

Many online retailers are ready to introduce their web sections with Cyber ​​Monday special ad offers. In this case you should use a DeepLink Generator to the web sections and drive traffic with higher conversion rates.

Take your opportunity to drive traffic with increased conversion rates on Cyber Monday!  Don’t miss your chance to better monetization!

Quick guide recommendations for advertisers

Be ready to provide Cyber Monday with special coupons, herewith, you’d better share real coupons and promo codes or discounts.  You should be also prepared to handle huge traffic in order to sustain load balancing and escape server load issues. Raising rates, personal care coupons and promo codes should be individually negotiated with all your major busniess partners: they are more likely to attract exrta traffic sources and launch special promo campaigns. Find your own approach to dealing with various traffic channels (e.g. e-mail marketing, browser push notifications etc.). That’s better to create a separate preferred stock list webpage and notify about it all your partners via e-mail blast, so they could drive traffic directly to this webpage.

Cyber Monday Annual Forecast 2017 by admitad

This year 2017 we are expecting further sales turnover growth on Cyber Monday. We are forecasting 3x more sales growth in 2017, comparing to Cyber Monday 2016 (resulted in 2x more sales).

Reasons for sales increase are the following:

  • advertisers tend more to participate in special promo campaigns and offer real products discounts, promo codes & coupon codes
  • new partners on board are increasing customer demands to be involved in special promo campaigns
  • based on publishers experince last year, you can be better prepared your for massive promo campaigns

Cyber Monday 2017 highlights, Cyber Monday 2016 & Black Friday 2016 comparing assessments are coming soon. Follow our admitad updates!



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