The Chinese fashion-offers


The Chinese e-market is at its highest point now, leaving Europe and the US far behind. It’s particularly noticeable when it comes to the fashion market.

It hasn’t been long since Chinese products appeared in the Russian market , and yet they’ve already gained the customers’ trust and love thanks to the low prices and high quality of the items . The Chinese fashion market is still developing fast, and it’s possible to expect even higher customer demand in the future.


We present you the Top-5 most profitable Chinese fashion-offers in admitad.


Each offer has its own particularities and advantages. For instance, offers the webmasters the highest rates, while offers its partners the highest average remunerations per order. offers the webmasters high rates and accounts for the largest quantity of unique visitors per month. Fashion bloggers and vloggers in Russia all over the word trust the services offered by and appreciate the high quality of the items and 7-10 days shipping worldwide. offers unique items with optimal quality-price ratio. welcomes its customers to use the promotions and promo-codes that include the free first shipping.

Other offers are listed in the catalogue.

All 5 offers offer their webmasters favorable conditions to establish a partnership, such as 60 days PostClick Cookie, a nearly 100% order confirmation (the orders are recorded after the payment and the purchased items are rarely returned back), high average remunerations per order for webmasters etc.

admitad takes the 1st place according to AdIndex annual ranking
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