Updated ‘Lost orders’ tool with new features for publishers

Now it’s much easier to find a ‘lost order’ or apply for a status change for the rejected one — the tool is available for all Admitad publishers around the world.

Modern tracking solutions for CPA platforms can follow all of the user activities: from just a click on banner till payment and delivery. However, sometimes orders might not be attributed by the affiliate network analytics system – due to ad blockers, third party extensions in browsers, etc. – and become a lost order. If the publisher is certain that it was “his” user who made the purchase, and can prove it – our tool will help him out.

We updated ‘Lost orders’ tool with new features for publishers. Now they submit a request and ask to look for the order that was accomplished but didn’t get included in Admitad reports (like a lost order). Another option is to change the status of the order that was declined by the advertiser, despite the procedure being in compliance with the rates and the program regulations (such requests can be called ‘appeals’).

Previously ‘Lost orders‘ became available for cashback and loyalty programs publishers in one regions. In 2018 the tool demonstrated significant results – by using it publishers got approval for lost orders worth about $300 000 USD.

What do you need to do to submit a request:

Choose Tools, than Lost orders in menu

Click ‘Create a request’

Fill in all the necessary fields

And submit a request or appeal claim via the API.

After filling in the form, it will be sent to an advertiser for review. You can track the status in your account.

You can also find a detailed script about ‘Lost order’ tool in our Help on the website.


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