What to Expect From the 4th of July Sales in 2021

On July 4th, 1776 the United States laid down its claim to be a free and independent nation by adopting the Declaration of Independence. It is an opportunity for Americans to express patriotism and love of country.

The most American of holidays is just around the corner. Some reports put holiday spending during this time at around $6.2 billion, putting the 4th in the top ten biggest shopping holidays in the US calendar year.

In 2021, Independence Day falls on Sunday, meaning many folks will celebrate on Monday with an extended weekend. Knowing customers may have a couple extra days off work, stores start launching sales weeks ahead of the official holiday on items like clothing, electronics, home goods and appliances. Some deals even last the whole week, giving people longer to think about their purchases.

According to our data, categories that look hot over this sales period are: electronics, clothing & travel, and home & garden.

Electronics are typically a major category in 4th of July sales, and 2021 should continue that trend. Note that the savings won’t always be labeled as such — some retailers could refer to their events as “summer,” “anniversary,” or even “clearance” sales.

Clothing will also be deeply discounted since retailers want to get rid of their spring and summer stock. It’s not just clothing either — shoppers can expect to find shoes and accessories on sale, as well.

We should expect by this summer that customers will be hoping COVID-19 restrictions will be relaxed just enough so they can enjoy local travel and outdoor activities. Read more on trends in the travel industry.

Home & garden products are never going to go out of demand. As an affiliate, you should definitely consider featuring them on your site while Americans are having an extended weekend to spend more time in the garden, enjoying amazing BBQs and delicious food.

How much did publishers earn in 2020 over the Independence day sales period?

Many July 4th sales were launched earlier in 2020 and mostly ended by Monday, July 6th, offering the best deals during this period.

Total sales during July 1st – July 6th in 2020 reached over $92,5 million across Admitad Affiliate. Overall, webmasters earned $ 3,3+ million over the same sales period. More than $ 19,4K on average was made by one top webmaster in less than 5 days.

Top 5 traffic types by total sales which showed good results over the 4th of July sales last year:

  • Topic-based websites
  • Affiliate stores
  • Coupon services
  • Media buyers (i.e. traffic arbitrage)
  • Social networks.

When is the sale in 2021?

The best Fourth of July sales usually start a few days before the holiday itself.
While official Fourth of July sales for 2021 haven’t started yet, there are still deals you can start promoting right now.

We’ve rounded up the absolutely best Fourth of July deals.
To help guide your initial scrolling, here are some of the largest sales from major brands and retailers this week.

  • SSENSE WW – 70% OFF Sitewide 
  • Macy’s Many GEOs – July 4th Sale 20-60% OFF 
  • NordVPN WW – 2-year plan with 72% off + 3 EXTRA months
  • National Car Rental  – Enjoy a Free Single Upgrade this 4th of July!  Receive a free one-car-class upgrade on your next rental
  • Freshly US – Save $100 this Fourth of July with Freshly with a Code: CELEBRATE25AFF!

We’ll keep this list updated as more brands announce sales.

The earlier you start to prepare, the bigger your sales will be.

Happy Independence Day!
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