Increasing profits in four easy steps for advertisers with Zeropark and Admitad

Increasing profits and driving more revenue is essential for advertisers. Employing tactics that allow capitalizing on market openings is the key to scalable performance.

In this article, we will examine four steps for developing a lucrative advertising campaign – finding new audiences, understanding and applying trends, picking up the right partner for performance marketing, and using custom bids.

Find new audiences

In order to be an effective marketer, it is necessary to continuously seek new opportunities and performance drivers. Juggling a marketing portfolio to get more conversions and ultimately drive more purchases is something every marketer is now aware of and likely to apply in their daily routine. 

It’s self-evident that slightly smaller and organic, but better-resonating visits are always more valuable than broad, poorly targeted audiences. And if there are ways of finding these outside of most competitive placements, then reaching out to them is always a shot worth taking.

Modern marketing understands the customer-first approach and capitalizes on the high shopping intent of the users. Finding out when and where these audiences are particularly active in spending their searching power is crucial to understanding (and predicting) their shopping behavior. 

Key trend: Vertical searches. Shortening the purchase path and contextuality are highly expected and appreciated by customers, and they minimize cost losses for marketers. This way finding conversions inside vertical applications, BNPL services, extensions, and more helps marketers boost ROIs and minimize the testing phase.

Knowing your audience and following the trends are paramount to understanding the needs of potential customers. Offering something that is uninteresting to the audiences can be misleading and inefficient for business, so careful research about what offers to choose should be the first step in creating a successful campaign.

Q4 season offers a perfect opportunity to conduct such research as demand for products online is at its yearly peak. Historical data from major search engines show precisely what brands and products are most in-demand in that period. 

Our partner, Zeropark, a performance marketing and advertising technology platform, confirms that especially near the Black Friday – Cyber Monday weekend, volumes of relevant brand and product audiences rise, directly responding to what the customers need. 

Correspondingly, there are clear market indications for every strong sale day, such as Single’s Day or Valentine’s Day. 

Let’s look at Zeropark’s 2020 data. We’ve measured exactly how often people searched for a given keyword, e.g. Nike. Historical data accurately presents major spikes in user interest in Q4 – with a specific focus on Black Friday – Cyber Monday weekend and Christmas.

According to Admitad’s 2022 data, consumers continue to spend money online, despite the coming recession. There is, however, a gradual change – coupon sites, vouchers, loyalty cards, and cashback programs are increasing in value. Consequently, during Black Friday 2022, Admitad’s offers have seen a 55% increase in transactions, as compared to data from an ordinary day. That difference can be attributed to sales, discounts, and special offers prepared for the BFCM weekend.

However, starting your campaigns right during the spikes will be too late, so your marketing endeavors must commence in advance. All to ensure full efficiency during the ‘hot season’. Plus, you’ll have a chance to capitalize on early interest from customers. Spikes in queries can start as soon as two weeks before the due date, so always bear that in mind.

Key learning: Analysing historical data should prove to be the most effective way of researching online campaigns. Best-suiting keywords and products will not only attract more customers but when combined with perfect placement and context matching, will help you capitalize on seasonality and customer preferences

Pick up the right partner for performance marketing

Tight cooperation with your campaign management teams has already been stressed, but maintaining a good relationship with these will really only benefit all parties involved. Having more assistance when creating and optimizing campaigns allows for better audience-targeting and easier ingress into the market competition. For example, precise keyword whitelists provided by the Zeropark support team, as well as bidding suggestions.

Zeropark internal data shows perfectly how important your performance marketing platform is, as it reflects trends and user preferences. Fashion and apparel brands make up 46.7% of e-commerce sales during the Black Friday period, so it is no surprise that the volumes available to Zeropark advertisers for top brands grow impressively at that time of the year. 

For Nike, a globally recognized and sought-after clothing brand, Zeropark volumes grew 190% between October 2020 and November 2020, and 2020% between October 2020 and December 2020. Compared to September 2020 these volumes grew 1300% by October,  2575% by November, and 2950% by December.

Admitad & Zeropark partnership provides an opportunity for those looking to capitalize on the spike of interest in Nike products. Marketers using Admitad’s Nike offer can access rich audiences provided in Zeropark’s trusted placements.

Key learning: Optimize all the resources and outsource parts that require know-how and data analysis. Make sure to use the available help to optimize and maximize the use of available audiences.

Make the most of custom bids

Whenever possible, try to manage the bids in your campaigns granularly. After finding the most profitable audiences, see how in cooperation with your performance marketing platform you can focus on the best of granular sources of visits.

All that is to isolate the precise part of the audience that expresses interest in your product. Insightful partition into audiences’ different characteristics and determining a winning combination of targeting options will allow you to work on bids to maximize the efficiency of your audience reach. 

Key learning: Smaller, but highly-converting audiences will always be more valuable for your purposes than wide and unoptimized ones.

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